I’m not exactly sure how this all started but I believe it went something like this:

Baby #1 comes:
I throw out the plastic containers, breast feed for a year, switch to glass or Bisphenol A-free bottles, use brown bag-ugly utilitarian “eco” diapers and buy only organic baby food and PVC-free toys.

Baby #2 arrives:
Suddenly, amid a torrent of frightening lead-tainted toy recalls, studies finding rocket fuel in breast milk, dioxin contaminated mozzarella, and tales of virus-plagued farmed salmon from Chile, I launch an Erin Brockovich-ian quest for truly pure, untainted foods and in the process go just a little bit mad.

Previous to “mommyfication” I always ate “healthy” and thought I knew a thing or two about food. But the extent of my interest in where it actually came from was of the, “Is this prosciutto domestic or Italian?” type, so this is also a bit of a fish out of water tale.
As both a writer and researcher, I’ve done a lot of digging over the past few years and have made a ton of changes.
Now, having exhausted the ears of those nearest and dearest I figured it was time to quit yapping and start typing!

(for more kiddie news and less food talk feel free to visit my other blog, Only Kidding www.onlykidding.wordpress.com)


5 responses to “About

  1. Kimberly Hartke

    Hi, I am Sally Fallon’s publicist. Would you like to be on our press list? If so, please send your email address. We are promoting Richard Morris’ book A Life Unburdened. I will send you info and before and after photos. He conquered morbid obesity following WAPF dietary guidelines.


  2. Thanks for the “press”, but could you snip the article after 3 or 4 paragraphs and link back. That way they can see the videos and all.

    • What the Hell can i Eat?

      oh shoot, of course! sorry Kimberly, I’m actually not so sharp these days getting back into the swing of things…

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