I’m BACK!!

Hi all, it’s been so long, I know, do forgive me.
After years of talking about big life changes, and making many of them myself, I’ve gone ahead and made one of the biggest; getting OUT of the office and back into the world, working for myself!
It took long hours and a lot of chaos which kept me from being here, but I’ve missed it and am back with renewed energy and insight. I hope you’ll join me in this new season, new adventure and new life!

2 responses to “I’m BACK!!

  1. Yeahh! Glad to see this post!

  2. Hey – so you have been outed and that is fabulous because you are now my muse. I have, for way too many years, meant to blog, but didn’t. I spent years struggling to come to terms with how I am who I am, and ultimately came to the realization that it really is ALL MY FAULT that I never truly realized my dreams. Dreams, I now know, are goals without plans for achieving them … I have a goal, and now a plan, and my blog will reveal it all … in due time.

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