Fiji Water: THE Dirty Truth

Fiji Water: So cool, so fresh, so bad for the environment?

Sarah GilbertSarah Gilbert RSS Feed
Aug 24th 2009 at 2:00PM
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Filed under: Economy

 The story of Fiji Water, as detailed in a startling and detailed investigative piece inMother Jones magazine this month, seems familiar. Leafing through the story, I found myself trying to remember where I’d read this tale before; like an old melody at the back of my brain, it hovered, just beyond memory. 

Suddenly it came to me: it’s Dole, it’s West Indies Sugar Corporation, it’s the old, old story. A company located in a lush, tropical location with a totalitarian government that welcomes foreign interests with deep pockets. It doesn’t tax them, gives them access to the country’s most precious natural resources, and stands by with heavy artillery in hand, protecting them while they strip the country.


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