New York area Eagles and Mercury levels

Bald Eagles in Catskills Show Increasing Mercury

Of course, my first thought was of the Canaries in the coal mines; it always shows up in certain species first before it trickles down to us. But what will we do now, that is my question.

 From the NYT


Published: November 24, 2008
Less than two years after the bald eagle was removed from the federal government’s endangered species list, an environmental organization in Maine has found an alarming accumulation of mercury in the blood and feathers of bald eagle chicks in the Catskill Park region of New York.


Not only do I have a lovely old wreck of a house in the Catskills, but Trout fishing (and eating) are a huge draw all over the region, bringing much needed dollars and interest to the area. And what of the people who (especially these days) actually rely on seasonal venison and local fishing for feeding their families ? (and YES, I do know people who depend on the land for their food).


2 responses to “New York area Eagles and Mercury levels

  1. I was shocked to find out that the Mercury had reached the Eagles in the Catskills, I shoud’nt be,but I was. What a shame,and sad. I also know people in the area who do depend on all the wild life,( Deer,pheasents, fish wild turkeys ect,) And that will impact theire lives in a very negative way. As you said, even more during these times of economical depression. I don’t know what I can do to help remedy this situation, but if anyone out there as an idea please share it with us.

  2. Oh, do I cringe when I see those sickly eagles. The symbol of our nation-yikes!

    A great reason to conserve energy and move toward a more green lifestyle. Thanks for sharing this story with us.


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