Hello Again, I’m baaaack

luca-17-18mosmia-3yrs-797It’s been a while, I know, and to those of you who missed me (or rather, even noticed) so sorry for the long lapse.

I needed to get away from all the noise, chatter, traffic and non-stop stimulation of the net. I also needed to briefly jump off the hamster wheel I’d found myself on doing the work/kids/home/work thing.

Actually, I felt sick; mentally, physically, existentially.  So I took time off, from almost everything. My blogs, my job, the copious routines that had become so routine that I barely was aware of doing any of them.

Did it help? I do believe I feel just that much less crispy-fried, if only around the edges (and those feel smoother as well).

So, YES, I do believe it did help. There’s nothing like a long, slow winter with lots of time to think to help bring light and clarity and prepare a soul for the seasons to come.


3 responses to “Hello Again, I’m baaaack

  1. I am soooooo glad that you are back. I truly
    missed all the great information you were providing. I hope all is well w/you and please
    continue the good work of keeping us up to date.!

  2. Welcome Back!


    Good to have you back!!!!

    Love And Regards

  3. Hi Cat–I missed you! Glad you took care of yourself. I can totally relate. Living in the internet age is like being in hyperspeed all the time with vast volumes of info flowing by!

    By the way, I have a new URL, would you mind changing your blog roll?

    I still want you involved in realfoodmedia.com. Check it out!


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