“Organic” fish with a side of mercury?

Don’t Gut the “Organic” Label for Fish!

Target: USDA & Obama Administration Transition Team
Sponsored by: Consumers Union

There’s something fishy going on in Washington.

While you may expect the highest standards for food bearing the organic label, bureaucrats at the National Organics Standards Board in Washington just decided to gut the organic label for fish.

On November 20, the board issued recommendations to the USDA stating that fish can be labeled ‘organic’ even if they’ve been fed wild fish, which come from polluted environments and are high in mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Toxic organic fish? That’s outrageous!

And the board recommends fish raised in open ocean net pens be eligible for the organic label. This type of fish farming is highly polluting, as large amounts of toxins, disease and parasites are flushed directly into the ocean – harming the wild fish supply, sustainability and the health of the oceans.

Sign the petition to tell the USDA and the Obama Administration transition team that you’re disappointed in this decision to gut the organic label for fish. Let’s make sure consumers’ voices are heard on organic standards!




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