Ahhhhh, the Stay-cation

Sorry for the long hiatus but I’ve been out on the most eco-fabulous time-out I’ve taken in ages:

    the Stay-cation.

-No gas was used

-No throw-away convenience packaging was purchased out of desperation, then tossed out of necessity

-No hideous airport gluebread sandwiches were consumed.

It was just 2 weeks of pure home and kiddie time. A vacation to nowhere but back (back to the basics, back to kids, back to my life).
Every day we were up and out first thing with homemade snacks and healthy meals packed in washable, reusable containers carried in fabric bags. We saw playgrounds in the park we never knew existed (and played in as many as we could)!

We got tons of great exercise pushing a packed double stroller up and down Central Park hills and side streets.

Eco Extra: Half the regular baths and showers=less water used, fewer changes of clothes=less laundry, too!

And lest you think I spent the past fortnight reeking with two little crumby urchins behind me, I’m happy to say that we did not offend anyone, to my knowledge, and that kiddie park sprinklers DO count as bathing if you play in them enough!

Now, to help with your next stay-cation, here are some cool, “green” and reasonably-priced goodies I’ve found that may just help to make life more convenient and fun, too!

Tired of burlap sacks and somber knits? check out these cute reusable totes with a cause.



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