Weston A. Price makes the News!

I’ve turned family, friends and strangers alike on to this little known nutrition education group with a fast-growing following and it seems that great news is finally spreading to more mainstream media.

The Weston A. Price Foundation snagged the The Washington Post Food Section Front Page!!!
The feature story (which you can link to below) is about Sally Fallon-Morell, her cookbook, Nourishing Traditions and the grassroots movement it has spawned.

According to Sally’s publicist, Kimberly Hartke, her members are definitely an important part of the buy extremely local, support sustainable farmers crowd (Go Sally!). These are folks who actually put their money where their mouth is, says Kimberly, and are learning the lost art of home cooking, and converting their household food budgets to buying whole, unprocessed farm fresh foods.
Sally has launched a whole movement within the movement called farm-to-consumer direct sales, and even a Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund to protect the rights of farms and their direct sales customers.

For more information, see the link to Post article below.



One response to “Weston A. Price makes the News!

  1. Yeah! I was really excited to read that article.

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