More on Honey, Soy and Local (pasture-raised) BEEF

I’ve been getting some great comments from you lately and want to say Thanks so much for the input and for helping to finesse some of the information posted here.

As some of you pointed out, the lovely, dark BUCKWEAT honey has been very well-studied and has documented, proven antibacterial and antioxidant effects, and though many believe that similar effects can be applied to most honey, as with many foods where color is a key, darker is often better/stronger/faster, etc due to higher phenolics, organic acids, peptides, and the like. So if you love a dollop of clover honey in your tea don’t fret, but for a bad cough or nasty burn, try a spoonful of the heartier stuff.

Another commenter brought up that [if we’re going to look at the environmental footprint of BEEF] the alternative to meat for many people, Soy, also produces ENORMOUS carbon dioxide emissions during processing (not to mention the MANY AWFUL NEUROTOXIC EFFECTS OF SHORT-FERMENTED SOY PRODUCTS SUCH AS SOY MILK, CHIPS, SOY CHEESE AND MORE).
For more information on Soy, see many of my earlier posts.

Good Point.

    Processing almost anything has ecological consequences and the more something must be processed, the greater the toll in most cases. So again we must ask ourselves, “What the Hell can I EAT?!”

    And I think this is a perfect place to stress an easy combination of things like:
    1) Moderation. supplement your protein needs with some legumes like chick peas or Kidney beans, etc. As a meat eater (and I am), even I need to ask myself, “Do I really need to eat a steak that could choke a crocodile?
    2) Think Local and Small. Huge commercial dairies and farms obviously leave a larger environmental “shadow” behind them, if you will, both in terms of volume and mass-processing practices.
    3) Get Creative/Think Globally I often forget how many thousands of delicious and unique recipes there are using good fresh veggies and legumes and small amounts of meat, fish or chicken. Few nations besides the United States consume such enormous amounts of meat on a regular basis and many delightful tastes come from just touches of meat added to a dish with unusual and unexpected spices and ingredients. Thinks Curries, Stir Frys, Cassoulets, and soups.


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