Franken-sugar coming soon!

So, you know that sweet stuff isn’t so healthy, but you figure “hey, at least I’ll stick to real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup if I’m gonna indulge”, right?

Guess what? Now there’s yet another thing to ask yourself: Do you know where your sugar came from???

The latest insult to our bodies comes from (oh surprise!), that clever devil Monsanto, which has somehow managed ($$$) to get the USDA to deregulate their genetically modified sugar beets.

*(Thanks for the tip Rebecca!)

Man, there really is NOTHING protecting us anymore, is there?




2 responses to “Franken-sugar coming soon!

  1. This stuff scares the crap out of me. I forgot that I sent you a note about that and then saw my name there and remembered! ha.

    I had to come by here to read while I was eating my PB sammy and putting off looking up more info on hydrgenated oil. I have a tiny bit of Simply Jif left and then we’re on to organic peanut butter too. We’ve just gone to organic butter (other dairy has been organic for awhile).

    It’s just farther down the rabbit hole.

    We just bought strawberries at the store today and I totally had spaced on them not being organic due to being mesmerized by end of summer berries. dammit. Have to make a pie for someone I don’t like. šŸ˜‰

  2. What the Hell can i Eat?

    I know, it makes me crazy! I had to roll by all these gorgeous berries in the store the other day because they didn’t have any organic and all i could think about was the poisons hidden on them. I wish I didn’t know what i do!!

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