Fast Food really does make you Fat Faster

Does Fructose Make You Fatter?
High-fructose corn syrup, a thick, gloopy, man-made sweetener used in many processed foods ranging from sodas to baked goods, has dominated sugar as an ingredient in “convenience” foods in U.S. and is growing more ubiquitous due to the fact that it’s cheaper and sweeter than regular sugar.

Now, new research suggests that it can also make you fatter.

[Today’s NYTs reported that] in a small study, Texas researchers showed that the body converts fructose to body fat with “surprising speed,’’ said Elizabeth Parks, associate professor of clinical nutrition at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

The study, which appears in The Journal of Nutrition, shows how glucose and fructose, which are forms of sugar, are metabolized differently.

In humans, triglycerides, which are a type of fat in the blood, are mostly formed in the liver. Dr. Parks said the liver acts like “a traffic cop” who coordinates how the body uses dietary sugars. When the liver encounters glucose, it decides whether the body needs to store it, burn it for energy or turn it into triglycerides.

But when fructose enters the body, it bypasses the process and ends up being quickly converted to body fat.

Read the whole piece HERE:

Read the STUDY HERE:


3 responses to “Fast Food really does make you Fat Faster

  1. Your blog is phenomenal!!!

    Every topic you have pursued has been well directed, accountable in depth and sensitive to what we all should be taking part in … the saving of the planet. Unhealthy people are less apt to have the energy to go beyond their immediate needs. We need all beings and living systems to be well and functioning in their ideal best.

    This high-fructose corn syrup is but a perfect example. The whole industry that would lay this horror and degradation on its very own populous in the name of profits is a mindset that must be changed. Even if it is to starve out their profits by not purchasing and eating food items that contain them.

    The comments and resources you have provided for this topic … as with all your topics … is totally accurate and vital to know. I would like to put one more point … somewhat separate from the sugar aspect alone. It is that HFCS from the United States is made form genetically modified corn.

    No good is coming from this insult to the human … and animal … population. High-fructose corn syrup is an absolute no-no!!!

    Thanks again for all you are doing for those who are fortunate enough to come your way.

  2. As usual, spot on.

    A related note (since I don’t see an email address for you) – when I read a food related article and find myself talking back to it, I frequently think of your blog. So, I’m passing on more instanity.

    I just read an article in our Co-op newsletter about the USDA de-regulating Monsanto’s genetically modified beets. Apparently said beets have been heavily planted and will be winging their way into sugar this fall, with ***5000%*** more pesticides approved for use. They’re more “tolerant” you know….

    My head is going to explode.

    All the best –

  3. I always find your blog and articles plus the
    links that you provide, extremely informative.
    I am totally adicted to you blog. I have learned
    so much, even about things I tought I knew.
    Please keep up the good work. We need
    someone like you to keep us on our vigilence.

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