Wyeth wants to OWN your natural estrogen…

Ok, technically not an “eat” topic but as you all know, I do expand to include other areas where our health and well-being are affected by government and greed.

The following newsletter is reprinted from Healthtips@healthiernews.com

Last month, I told you about House Concurrent Resolution 342, which calls for the FDA to reverse its new policy classifying estriol as an unapproved new drug (6/4/08 eTip, subject line: “Breaking news on your right to choose”). This resolution gets right to the heart of the matter, stating that “restricting women’s access to medications containing estriol does not serve the public interest.”
The interest it DOES serve is that of pharmaceutical giant Wyeth, which is responsible for setting los Federales’ misguided guard dogs loose on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). With the bad news that continues to be revealed about synthetic forms of HRT, more and more women are opting for safe, natural versions. Wyeth obviously has quite a lot to lose from BHRT’s rise in popularity. So it’s no surprise that it filed a “citizen’s petition” with the FDA, calling for a ban on estriol and other hormones involved in BHRT — clearing the way for its own patented (and profitable) versions.
Unfortunately, the FDA took action and cracked down on compounding pharmacies formulating BHRT. Today, access to this invaluable therapy is still in serious jeopardy. While House Concurrent Resolution 342 is a step in the right direction, it needs as much support as it can get, and the more citizens there are behind it, the better the chances of it being noticed — and passed — by los Federales.
The good news is, one organization has made it even easier for you to make your voice heard. The American Association for Health Freedom has taken this issue — and Wyeth — head on. Earlier this summer, it placed a full-page ad in Roll Call, the Congressional newspaper, with the headline “Shame on you, Wyeth.” The ad blows the whistle on the company’s self-serving role in the FDA’s restriction of estriol and BHRT. You see, while Wyeth is trying to have estriol removed from compounding pharmacies here in the U.S., at the same time, the company also has a European ad campaign touting estriol as “safe treatment for menopause symptoms.”
You can view the ad by visiting the American Association for Health Freedom’s website, http://www.healthfreedom.net. And while you’re there, check out the in-depth and disturbing look at the timeline of events leading to the current state of affairs. The website also features a frightening table outlining Wyeth’s financial ties to supposedly “unbiased” medical organizations and women’s groups.
But even more important than the inside scoop the American Association for Health Freedom website offers is the easy link you can use to send feedback supporting House Concurrent Resolution 342 directly to your Congressmen. Look for the “Take action” section of the homepage, and click on the “Strike while the iron is hot” link. From there, scroll down the page and click on the words “Now is the time to act.” Then, simply fill in the information at the right-hand side of the page and the American Association for Health Freedom will send a form letter supporting House Concurrent Resolution 342 directly to your Congressmen.
Once again, it’s imperative for you to make your voice heard right away (and continue to send frequent reminders), letting your representatives know that you support House Concurrent Resolution 342 and the freedom of health care choice that it represents—and that you expect them to do the same.


One response to “Wyeth wants to OWN your natural estrogen…

  1. Thanks for alerting us to this. I don’t currently take HRT, but at one point I did. I had terrible side affects until I was put on a very low dose. Not sure if I was on a bio-identical type, but I agree that women and their doctors need OPTIONS, and that it would be a crime to deny them this alternative. I know a number of women who love their bio-identical hormones and I cringe to think that a greedy pharma company would shut off their supply. Shame on them. I filled out the email letter on the website you mention, and encourage others to do the same. We need to keep the heat on or we will continue to see our freedoms erode.


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