Ugly Beauty

Yeah, I’m as bad as the next woman about this, vain cow that I am. Not that I have time to do much more than try to pat away the dark circles while hopping on one foot, trying to find my other shoe while simultaneously disentangling my legs from two clinging little rug rats as I desperately try to get out the door for work… But hey, can’t a girl wear a little concealer and lip gloss without suffering toxic poisoning??

The following is from those wonderful people at the Environmental Working Group:

    Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry

When the U.S. Centers for Disease Control found unusually high levels of hormone-disrupting phthalates in women eight years ago, no one had any idea how ugly the beauty industry really was.

In this episode of EWG’s Mixed Greens podcast, Enviroblog’s Amanda speaks with Stacy Malkan, author of Not Just a Pretty Face. This revealing book recounts the formative years of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, including a chapter on Environmental Working Group’s Jane Houlihan and the development of Skin Deep, our cosmetics safety database.

Listen to the podcast HERE:


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