Tyson Chicken & Labels, Greed and Truth

Short of going to the farm in person to see and buy our food, all we can do is read labels, so it’s an infuriating violation of trust when company greed skates around the facts to cash in on the big $$ of the latest food/health movement in this country.

The upside of Greed? Competitors are outing each other in the hopes of getting an edge. See below from the New York Times:

    Tyson Told to End an Antibiotic Claim

Published: April 23, 2008
A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction Tuesday ordering Tyson Foods to withdraw advertisements claiming its chickens are ”raised without antibiotics that impact antibiotic resistance in humans.”

Tyson said it would appeal the decision.

The ruling was made by Judge Richard D. Bennett in the United States District Court in Baltimore.

Two competitors, Sanderson Farms and Perdue Farms, had objected to the ads by Tyson and said Tyson had injected its eggs with antibiotics and used antibiotic molecules in its feed.



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