This and that, and that again.

Sorry I’ve been dragging my feet a bit in posting. My usually over-spinning mind has been somewhat distracted by 8 month-olds trying to walk already and 2 year old big sisters doing all they can to push said 8 month-olds back down (and steal their Binky’s, drink their bottles and eat their baby food).

Also it’s been crunch-time at work.

And then there’s The Old Wreck, our place in the Catskills that brings to mind Green Acres and The Money Pit with just a hint of Deliverance underneath.
Makes you want to visit, dunn’it??

Anyhoo, on the Raw Milk front (which my mom insists on calling “country milk”, saying that the other name gives her the willies and the creeps), we are once again flush.
This past weekend we met up at The Old Wreck to shiver a bit amidst un-heated construction debris, grill fresh grass fed beef and buffalo out back, and cull giant deadly tree limbs from the ancient dying willow in the side yard.

Mom hooked us up big-time with the milk and the meat, which had all come fresh from the farm the day before. She took pictures for me to post with her handy-dandy digital camera but alas, they were all weird MySpace angles of cow-heads from inside the car as I think she’s kinda scared of large moving creatures off a leash.
Ok, she’ll be mad about that one and say it’s not true, but the pix were blurry at any rate so we’ll try again next time!

It was a great time, actually, even with trying to keep the kiddies away from the portable space heaters all Saturday night and the cool breeze that chased the heat off the sun on Mother’s Day.

And once again, the kids and I and the husband are all fine and dandy and the baby is sucking the fresh milk down faster (literally) than I can keep the Weston Price recipe made! And did I say he was, like, cruising already at 8 months? (No, not as in the Al Pacino movie but as in nearly WALKING). He’s also incredibly strong, like a person kind of strong. And smart? He tries to color with crayons and push the elevator buttons and even has his own little baby versions of practical jokes.
Both kids are happy, healthy and waaaay too precocious for their own good. And mine!

The freshly “processed” meat was a stunning color, bright and red, grilling up juicy and moist with a really great beef flavor, almost like steak. I’m definitely going to get a big freezer and buy a bit more at a time.


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