Modern Day Marco Polos

I literally cannot shop, or EAT, now without stopping to consider so many issues that I swear my coupons expire and my food gets cold before I’m finished with either.

Hell, maybe that’s how it should have been for a long time now. Maybe then we wouldn’t be in this tangled mess.
Hopefully, it’s just the backlash against not thinking for so long and that eventually (soon?) health, conservation and ecology will just be another “auto pilot” consideration in what we all do. At least that’s the way a lot of media are spinning it, perhaps so that we all won’t get sick of buying papers!

Here’s what got me thinking today:

    From Today’s New York Times:
    Cod caught off Norway is shipped to China to be turned into filets, then shipped back to Norway for sale. Argentine lemons fill supermarket shelves on the Citrus Coast of Spain, as local lemons rot on the ground. Half of Europe’s peas are grown and packaged in Kenya.

    Read the article here:

    Oh GREAT, my skin looks fantastic but apparently I’m more toxic than I even knew!

    Oxybenzone may disrupt the human hormone system
    Studies on cells and laboratory animals indicate that oxybenzone and its metabolites, the chemicals the body makes from oxybenzone in an attempt to detoxify and excrete it, may disrupt the hormone system. Under study conditions, oxybenzone and its metabolites cause weak estrogenic (Nakagawa 2002; Schlumpf 2001, 2004; Kunz 2006; van Liempd 2007) and anti-androgenic (Ma 2003) effects. Oxybenzone displays additive hormonal effects when tested with other sunscreen chemicals (Heneweer 2005). Laboratory study also suggests that oxybenzone may affect the adrenal hormone system (Ziolkowska 2006)

    and sadly this: Could the Heparin deaths really have been because of Greed?


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