(finally) Got Milk!

I realize that I’ve been side-tracked by so many big and small news items lately that I’ve pushed aside the main thing that that made me want to start this blog; the old quest for good, healthy, unadulterated food.

Well, after months of pondering the safety and pros & cons of it, then searching farms within a three-state radius for it, I have finally got it;
Delicious, creamy, fresh n’ tasty Raw (aka unhomogenized and unpasteurized) Milk!

My mom, who I’ve mentioned before is intrepid (to say the least) ferried “the goods” this past weekend to our old wreck in the Catskills (after scoring said “goods” from a farm upstate), and the whole family’s spent the past few days truly savoring what I’ve now come to think of as
the “street crack of dairy products”.

In defense of the near 300 mile transport of the stuff I want to say here that she was coming to visit anyway, so that actually saved the gas I would have used driving somewhere closer just to get it, so I feel good about that.

And you know what? The milk really IS amazing and lovely and somehow just a bit different. I wasn’t absolutely sure that it would be, and was bracing myself for that “oh man, what a rip!” feeling, but I’m thrilled to say it’s all that I’d built it up to be and more!

For one thing, it’s “milkier” and makes regular milk seem just a bit watered down.
It looks the same except for being just a tiny bit less bleached-out in color, with a hint of a buttery glow.
Also, the cream rises to the top, of course, so it needs a small stir or shake before pouring it. And interestingly, it seems to take much, much longer to “turn” and is WAY less heinus when it does go “off”. This I found out by happy accident; the baby had downed his umpteenth (I actually lost count he sucks the stuff down so fast) bottle that evening, leaving an inch or two in the bottom which I forgot to put it in the sink. The next morning, I got that bottle confused with the fresh bottle he’d just drunk and automatically did my sniff/taste thing to tell the two apart. I had to do it twice the difference was so subtle, not like that gastly thing that happens with baby formula (and what IS that about anyway!?) or the clear-cut funk of regular milk that’s turned, this was just a bit too warm and ever so slightly “old”. If I was describing something alcoholic here I’d say that it had a certain “high note” that wasn’t quite right but not that far off.

Now my only problem is how to keep it stocked, since we’re nearly through the two gallons already and I don’t see my mom more than a couple of times a month…

But all in all, an experience well worth the wait and effort (and yup, we are ALL just fine)…


3 responses to “(finally) Got Milk!

  1. I really enjoyed you blog 7 the information on it. Glad you liked the milk I sent with Nancy. I have gone organic almost completely since you information.

  2. Thank you for the information on Organic products. Glad you liked the milk your mom brought. I have gone to almost all organic.

  3. I am SOOO Glad you were able to find and get the ” raw milk ” I have also tasted some and you are absolutely right. It is much fresher and creamier to the tongue. I also would like to thank you for your very informative blog. I was always a careful and concerned shopper when it came to foods. I always bought local or from our Regional Market, fruits ,produce ect. But until you MADE IT VERY CLEAR That, everything labeled Organic is NOT ALWAYS ORGANIC. You have made me aware that NOT ALL ORGANIC IS CREATED EQUAL. Thank you so very much. You have made me a more informed consumer. Please keep up the good work. You are also helping many of my friends to shop and eat healthier.

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