On Grains, Famine and a little gentic tinkering…

    Now back to an earlier, more serious question:

How do we oppose gene tinkering and other food manipulation in a time of Global crises?

Are proponents of genetically modified food fear-mongerers and opportunists, or practical thinkers?
Foes say the former, but even some scientists say the latter…

All I know is that the idea of eating meat grown in a laboratory vat and designer whole grains is enough to turn me into a carb-free vegan (if such a thing can possibly exist!).
However, I have thankfully never been truly hungry (crazy teenage diet years aside).

Below are some links from today’s New York Times and other papers. There’s a WHOLE lotta info out there as well as opinions. Only time will tell, I guess…

    Ok, LOTS of links today on this one!

Biotech: Problems and Politics

Franken-Meat (seriously!) and home grown produce?

So scary even the hungry don’t want it


And More:



This one’s really creepy; rice modified with HUMAN genes (Nope, not kidding):

A few more…




Here’s an updated link to NY Times about the rising cost of organic food


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