Crises of conscience

Crises and conscience?
The front pages of the major papers have been dotted with alarming reports of rice shortages, food riots and impending famine over the past few days and I can’t help but feel a bit ashamed of myself.

Have I become one of the dreaded whiners? Am I too spoiled, focused so finely on the precise origin of the food I’m blessed to have in such abundance that i’ve forgotten to be thankful for it?

Well, it’s one of the dangers of our society, I fear, part and parcel of becoming accustomed to a certain level of economic success (and let’s be honest here, even those of us scraping our couch change together for laundry are so very successful in comparison to the millions in this world who, even today, are waiting hours in a food line).

I’m bringing it up just to put it out there: Are we grateful enough and does gratitude mean we must accept whatever is given to us?

Personally, it’s a good reminder to take a moment and have an ego check, bow my head and thank God and whatever other powers I believe in for my massive good health and good luck, that my kids don’t cry at night from empty stomachs, that they have access to good if not always great healthcare.

And, to a small degree, maybe that should temper my insistence of “hard-line purity” in every little ingredient of every little thing.

I dunno…

But you know what? I can’t help but think that accepting the sub-optimum food packed on the nation’s shelves is just the beginning of more problems.
Lots more.

Being grateful, even massively grateful, doesn’t make it right (or GIVE anyone the right) to allow poisons, toxins and harmful chemicals into the food chain and the environment with the justification that our gratitude should equal acceptance or even complicity…

What do YOU think?


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