Raw liver for baby! (plus more labeling woes at my house…)

Well, I’m going to tell you something that might make some of you gasp;
last night I fed my infant son raw (organic free range) calf liver and he loved it.
Yep, that’s what I said, Raw Liver.

First, I want to reiterate that I honor and respect each of you, but vegetarianism isn’t my personal choice, though I am deeply invested in making sure animals are raised lovingly, naturally and as “cruelty free” as you can get what with the end, well, ending the way it does for them (which I know, some of you might say is cruel no matter how you, umm, slice it. Sorry about the pun, I’m punchy today).

Ok, if you’re still with me here, I’ll give you some details. I got the idea from the good folks at Westin A. Price, (who haven’t steered me wrong yet, I might add), but apparently it’s also a pretty ancient practice and not all that unusual outside of mainstream Western culture. Many, many experts say it’s an ideal protein for babies and much healthier for them (and easier on their tummies) than starting them out with cereals, which a lot of children don’t process that well until after one year.

Fine, you might say, but we ARE in mainstream Western culture, not some tiny village in Africa!
True, but that doesn’t stop half of the city from happily adopting the cultural norms and foods of others’ as well as many “tribal” affectations like tattoos, scarification, peircings and other manner of presentation. So please don’t flip out like one friend of mine did.

Remember when everyone thought sushi was gross??

I say, put your money where your mouth is. (and yes, I tried it first on myself, of course).

Right, OK, that was the “Why”, now here is the “How”:
I bought the liver two weeks ago and froze it in tiny individual packets (it MUST be frozen at least two weeks before trying this). Then, I grated about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of the frozen liver into his nightly egg yolk and mixed it with a bit of what I thought was (more on that below!) free range organic chicken broth and a few grains of sea salt.

The kid went crazy for it! He was smacking his lips and kicking his fat little legs and kept opening his mouth for more even after it was finished. Afterward, he was happy, extremely playful and loaded with energy (in fact, at seven and a half months his is pulling himself up to standing already!)

I put the liver back in the freezer and plan to give him the same dinner tonight.

And please note, their is a cooked version for those of you who really just can’t get past the whole rawness of it.
(just click on my Westin A. Price link to find the recipe).

Now for the surprise hitch in this meal. Of all the ingredients that I used, the chicken broth was the one “sure thing” of the batch. Pacific Natural Foods organic free range chicken broth (USDA certified)

The product boldly says “ORGANIC” and “FREE RANGE” as well as “USDA CERTIFIED” on it YET when I read the ingredient list I see that half way down, they’ve mixed in what appears to be just plain old chicken stock and salt!!

see for yourself below as I’ve pasted it directly from their website:

Organic Free Range Chicken

Start with the best organic free-range chickens, mix in a hint of onion and you have mouth watering broth that’s as fresh as you can get.
Also available in 4/8 oz. recipe size containers.

Certified to the Source®, USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Casein Free, Yeast Free, Fat Free, 1g Carbs per serving

Organic chicken broth (filtered water, organic chicken), organic chicken flavor (organic chicken flavor, sea salt), natural chicken flavor (chicken stock, salt), sea salt, organic cane sweetener, organic onion powder, turmeric, natural flavor.

Wow. How much research and reading does one need to do before buying something boldly marked to appear to be 100% something that it’s NOT?


One response to “Raw liver for baby! (plus more labeling woes at my house…)

  1. Hi, just wanted you to know I really love your blog. You have gotten me started on reading labels even more than I ever did, and more carefully. I have noticed that some labeled organic foods, are NOT all that organic.
    Thank for bringing that up. I did not know about the raw & frozen liver being so beneficial to babies. When my own children where small, my
    daughter loved to eat raw ground beef and horse meat. She also ate liver and kidneys, but they
    were cooked. Thanks for all the info. keep up the good work.

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