Confessions of a tired mom

Just so you don’t think I’m infallible (you did, didn’t you (<:), I need to make another confession, in the interest of full disclosure:

As I’ve said before, I try my best to do right, eat right, buy right… but sometimes, like last night, I just phone it in.

    Yes, that’s right, I ordered a pizza.

Not an organic pizza. Not even a whole wheat one. In fact, it was a decidedly UN-PC pizza. Cheese, sauce and God only knows what else was in there.

Frankly, the fact is that there isn’t an upscale, “healthy-type” pizza anywhere in several delivery zones of my apartment (though I’m certain they exist somewhere further downtown, and probably cost thrice, but whatever).
My family was cranky and impatient, we all had a long and frantic week, and I was at the end of my rope. We ate in an exhausted hush..then I slunk off to bed knowing that, though I’m not a perfect mom, I am a human one.

And hey, that’s sort of an important point here too: we live in the real world and frankly, relentless perfectionism is what puts many people off of even trying things like a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully someday soon, this whole endeavor will be easier and less expensive.
But in the meantime, if you do the best you can most of the time, then cutting yourself some slack when you need to is really, in the BIG scheme of things, not so bad.
So go ahead, cut yourself some slack…


3 responses to “Confessions of a tired mom

  1. You know, let’s not get carried away! Pizza is not poison. (As long as there wasn’t any pepperoni or other dead stuff on there.) Like you say, cut yourself some slack. I can’t tell you the goddam stress I feel shopping, eating and even living in this world. Nobody seems to know anything much but that doesn’t stop them from telling us whats good and bad. I try to buy stuff that I think is gonna be ok but who knows. I buy organic milk because I can’t stand the thought of those cows being constantly milked and so sore my god the pain. I don’t eat meat at all. Or fish. I buy free range eggs so I don’t contribute to chicken torture. How do I know these chickens are having a good torture free life? I don’t. And as hard as I try not to be cynical, I don’t really believe any of it. Hence, the stress. Industrial agriculture is killing us and the planet. But there are a lot of us and we need a lot of food. I guess a good stiff drink (often) or some anti depressants are in order!

  2. Reading through the rest of your pages after my tiny rant, I see you’re actually doing something about what I was whining about! Yay! I feel a little motivation coming on. You and your blog are terrific!

  3. Lori, I’m so happy to hear that you get where I’m trying to go!
    Like everything in life, aint’ it just nice to know you have friends?!
    I know it is for me.
    If this isn’t worth the effort (you know, that whole saving the planet and our food chain bulls*@t, then what is?

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