Some good things are happening, too…

This is a very new blog, and every day I get more phone calls from friends, friends of friends, and aquaintances of those who either LOVE, question, or improve on what I’m trying to do in this little place here. I thank you all and promise it will get more fun; more links, more photos, more topics such as ecological renovation and design,  fashion, lifestyle and more.

Finally, I’ve found a way to combine my love of writing, research and general questioning of all things I put into the catergory But Why? (my daughter’s fav). The kids are crawling up and down my legs as I try to type, my husband is encouraging me even as he tries to understand exactly what I’m doing. But it’s all good. I’ve heard so many different versions of my same story, over the phone, at the 110th street playground today, even in line at my local grocery store as I startle women by taking improntu grocery cart “polls” ( I promise they almost always get super into it once I assure them I’m not A)asking for money or B) preaching either religion or food ethics). I just want information and input! I don’t want to brow beat,  lecture or scold. Just talk, disseminate information and share it.

SO, I guess what I’m saying is, as much as I enjoy our little chats, stop calling me and leave some comments on the blog already!

Thank you, and please come again.


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