Just Working it All Out

A woman I really like recently told me that she’d rather not know about most of this stuff. She said it just kinda ruined her day.
Look, I wish this stuff weren’t true, I wish it weren’t something to know about, but not knowing it won’t make it so, it won’t make it go away.
Knowledge is power, and only with both can we effect change.

So read on, and hang in there my friends. Both the good and the bad news is that it’s all about profits, which means that when we choose to buy, or NOT buy certain products, we are flexing more muscle than we know and in these most simple forms of protest and activism, we are causing change.

I also want to be clear here about something, a small disclaimer if you will; I’m still stumbling through it all myself.
It’s a quest, a mission of sorts, and a relatively early one for all of us (some a bit ahead, some a bit behind, but all of us catching up).

The best I’ve been able to find on my big hunt for raw, unpasteurized milk here has been un-homogenized, organic, grass fed milk, which I’ve so far only found in one place. I’ve continued pestering farmers within a three state radius and narrowed down the list to a few really good finalists. Most are at least 2-3 hours’ drive from NYC (which, as my husband pointed out, is not the most convenient thing when you run out on a Thursday night) but I’ve recently been in contact with one farm a bit closer that looks very promising. The woman I’ve been chatting with has been lovely and patient with my many, picky questions (yes, the state tests them frequently for all pathogens, yes the cows are mostly grass fed, yes it’s raw and un-homozenized) and she’s planning to get back to me after she takes a look at the label of their next shipment of feed (I’d like to know what it’s comprised of and where it comes from). Listen, the fact that this woman still even answers my emails is pretty impressive right about now!

But WHY in the hell do you even want raw milk?? Many friends have asked that question. I had it as a kid from time to time and never once had a problem, plus it was creamy and delish! But here are some links to the very basic, quick, answers to that question. I will post more at length soon regarding this hot topic.


Now, here’s my question for today: why is it that it’s ok for me to eat cloned meat (that’s right, check it out http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/01/15/fda.cloning/index.html) which we know pretty much ZERO about at this early stage, but plain, clean MILK—something that people have consumed straight out of the cow for millenia until the early 20th century—is now so controlled that farmers in some places are actually being arrested for selling it (to people who have bought their own cows in a ‘cow share’ program in order to get it no less! see the link to the trials of Meadow Sweet farm, at right).

Again, read the links and do your own research. Make up your own mind and come to your own decision. Just make sure it’s really YOURS and not some government mandate or big business scare campaign.


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