The $Greening$ of “Green”

YES, it’s true (see mom, I wasn’t making it up!) Horizon milk really hasn’t been behaving like a nice organic milk should.

Oh, and by the way (or rather, BUY the way yuk, yuk) you know that really cool, small, organic company Seeds Of Change? It’s owned by M&M/Mars.
Those awesome Boca Burgers? Owned by Kraft. Love Odwalla green juice? It’s owned by Coca-Cola.

check it out:


2 responses to “The $Greening$ of “Green”

  1. Let’s face it–big business wants its part of the organic $$. They know that buy slapping the word organic on many of their products they will sell. unfortunate for people who really want fresh, chemical free food. As you say, the amount of research a person has to do to figure it out is insane.

  2. whatthehellcanieat?

    Ms. D, I’m with you and you know that I feel your pain, babe. That’s why I started this blog, with the hope that all of my obsessive digging might actually benefit someone besides myself (and thus justify the amount of said time spent obsessively digging…)

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