Who’s paranoid NOW??

Here it is folks, the greed, lies and misinformation I’ve been ranting about!
Apparently “Organic” has become such big business that the standards for what was once an alternative to food from large commercial dairys has now become just as disgusting.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, of Mercola.com, “All of the milk from Aurora Organics and most from Horizon is produced by cows that came from factory dairy feedlots and existed on disgusting diets of genetically modified grains, slaughterhouse waste and chicken manure.” Mercola goes on to say, “The real issue is not organic versus non-organic milk, it is raw versus pasteurized.
Secondary issues would be the food source that is given to the cow. Ideally, they should be fed exclusively on grass. When you start giving cows grains, even organic ones, their milk will have lower levels of important nutrients such as conjugated linoleic acid.
Your best bet for your good health is to find a local source for raw milk, which I believe is one of the best foods for most people. If you find this statement unusual then please read my article on the reasons why raw milk is becoming more popular.”

Read it and weep:




One possible positive bent to all of this coming out is that it seems to be provoking the appropriate level of outrage, at least in some, and hopefully more lawsuits will follow, forcing new, stricter laws to be enacted regarding foods labeled “organic”.

The following is from the Organic Consumer’s Association:

Organic” Milk Class-Action Lawsuit is Underway
Aurora & Retailers Claim USDA Jurisdiction Over Issue
Organic Consumers Association, March 28, 2008
Straight to the Source

Attorneys representing 52 consumers in a lawsuit against Boulder, Colorado-based Aurora Organic Dairy and some of the nation’s largest retailers will face off in court today at the federal court in the Eastern District of Missouri, Judge Richard Webber, presiding. The consumers allege that the milk they purchased, although labeled as “organic”, did not meet federal organic standards.



One response to “Who’s paranoid NOW??

  1. Very well written. Extremely informative and
    very timely. We are ( some of us ) concerned about the food we eat and the industries that produce it. It is becoming very clear, that the no 1 priority is how much money can they make and not our health.
    Keep on informing us.
    I will remain a loyal reader.
    Thank you.

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